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Scorpaeniformes - Cottidae

Synchirus gilli (Manacled Sculpin)

Illustration Meristics Life History ELH Descr. Distribution Footnotes
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Egg Diameter (min-max in mm):
Number of Oil Globules (min-max):
Oil Globule Diameter (min-max in mm):
Yolk: Homogeneous, pink (wild)
Egg/Embryo Pigment:
Pigment Diagnostics:
Diagnostic Characters:


Hatch Size (min-max in mm SL):
Preanal Length (%SL): 37 - 42
Flexion Length (in mm SL): 6.5 - 8.5
Length at Transformation (in mm SL):
Fin Development Sequence: Pectorals and caudal, dorsal and anal, pelvics
Larval Pigment Regions: In each developmental larval stage, pigment is present in the regions listed below
(click for pigment regions)
Preflexion: dorsal gut, lateral gut, ventral gut, ventral, caudal,
Flexion: crown, dorsal gut, lateral gut, ventral gut, ventral, caudal,
Postflexion: mouth, crown, isthmus, dorsal gut, lateral gut, ventral gut, anal finfold, caudal finfold, pectoral fin, ventral,
Juvenile: mouth, crown, nape, cheek, dorsal gut, lateral gut, pectoral fin, dorsal, ventral, mediolateral, caudal,
Pigment Diagnostics: Unique gut pigment: fine speckles dorsolaterally, honeybee banding pigment posteriorly, and series ventrally on gut in preflexion larvae
Diagnostic Characters: Pigment on gut, accessory or inner-shelf spines associated with preopercular spines in preflexion larvae, pectoral-fin rays develop toward each other ventrally, nasal spines develop at 12-14 mm SL

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last updated: August 2019