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Perciformes - Sciaenidae

Genyonemus lineatus (White Croaker)

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Egg Diameter (min-max in mm): 0.79 - 0.92
Number of Oil Globules (min-max): 1-3 , coalescing to one
Oil Globule Diameter (min-max in mm): 0.23
Yolk: Homogeneous, becoming pigmented
Chorion: Transparent, smooth
Egg/Embryo Pigment: head, jaw, nape, gut, yolk, oil globule, dorsal, lateral, ventral, notochord tip,
Pigment Diagnostics:
Diagnostic Characters:


Hatch Size (min-max in mm SL): 1.5 - 2.0
Preanal Length (%SL): 38 - 53
Flexion Length (in mm SL): 5.4 - 6.4
Length at Transformation (in mm SL): >12.7
Fin Development Sequence: Dorsal rays, anal, dorsal spines, pelvics
Larval Pigment Regions: In each developmental larval stage, pigment is present in the regions listed below
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Yolk-sac: yolk, mouth, crown, nape, cheek, dorsal gut, lateral gut, ventral gut, dorsal finfold, anal finfold, caudal finfold, dorsal, ventral, mediolateral, caudal,
Preflexion: nape, cheek, dorsal gut, ventral gut, dorsal finfold, ventral, caudal,
Flexion: mouth, cheek, isthmus, dorsal gut, ventral gut, ventral, caudal,
Postflexion: mouth, crown, cheek, isthmus, dorsal gut, anal finfold, caudal finfold, ventral, caudal,
Juvenile: mouth, crown, nape, cheek, isthmus, dorsal gut, dorsal finfold, caudal finfold, dorsal, ventral, mediolateral, caudal,
Pigment Diagnostics: Presence of nape melanophore, melanophore above hindgut absent or small, 2 - 21 postanal ventral melanophores, number increasing with development
Diagnostic Characters: Larvae that most closely resemble Genyonemus lineatus during preflexion stage are Merluccius productus, whose pigment patterns are nearly identical. At later stages, G. lineatus most closely resemble Scomber japonicus, the myomere counts will usually separate them (G. lineatus = 26, M. productus = 52-57, S. japonicus = 30-32)

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last updated: August 2019