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Northern Fur Seal Photo Details

jpg thumbnail of image
Northern fur seal rookery photograph taken by E.C. Johnston between July 15, 1948 and August 6, 1948.
Image ID:571
Series:1948 Ground Photos
Original Format:Photograph
Island:St. Paul Island
Altitude (ft):
Related Group:Reef Rookery 6 (1895, 1948, 1960, 1988, 2006)
Date Photographed:July 15, 1948
Photographer(s):E.C. Johnston
Panel:1 of 2 (see Panel 2)
Credit:E.C. Johnston, general manager of the fur seal administration in the Pribilof Islands
Low resolution jpg:1280 x 468, 96dpi
Original image:1948--Plate 6a (1 of 2)__Photos #11-14.tif, 118MB, 12838 x 4701, 1200dpi


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