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Northern Fur Seal Photo Details

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Map chart scanned out of a government book by C.H. Townsend (1896), Reports of Agents, Officers, and Persons, Acting under the Authority of the Secretary of the Treasury, in relation to the Condition of Seal Life on the Rookeries of the Pribilof Islands, and to Pelagic Sealing in Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, in the years 1893-1895. Part Two.
Image ID:103
Collection:Maps & Charts
Series:1896 Rookery Charts
Original Format:Government Publication (book)
Island:St. Paul Island
Rookery:Zapadni Reef, Little Zapadni, Zapadni
Altitude (ft):
Related Group:
Date Photographed:
Credit:U.S. Fish Commission
Low resolution jpg:1280 x 568, 96dpi
Original image:1896 Chart FG1 (1 of 2).tif, 57MB, 6576 x 2922, 400dpi


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