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Fur Seal Bibliography Database Instructions

Search the database

Searching this database can be done in either of two ways:

  • Basic Search:  Select this option to search for matching text strings found in either the "Author", "Year", "Title", "Source", or "Notes" record fields.
  • Advanced Search:  Selecting this option provides a search for matching text strings found in selected record fields.  To search within a specific field, enter the text string and check the box associated with that field.  Multiple fields can be selected, in which case the applied boolean (and/or) search connector can be selected.
    Example: Year = "1970" and  Title = "rookery".

    Keyword field searches are conducted by selecting from a list of predetermined phrases, each using a short letter code to match values in the "Keywords" field.  To search the "Keywords" field, use the "Keywords" link to move to the bottom of the page where the keyword check boxes are.  Check the desired keyword boxes and select the boolean (and/or) option for multiple keywords.  Click "Lock-in" button to set selected keywords and return to the main search section.  All checked keywords can be cleared by clicking the "Clear" button.

The search results displays a list of matching records.  The field values for each resulting record will be shown.  The search page provides the following options for the results display:

  • Field Exclusions:  Combinations of the "Record Number", "Notes", and "Keywords" fields can be checked for exclusion in the results display.
  • Sort Results:  The resulting records display can be sorted either:
         by "Author" field (ascending alphabetically) then by "Year" field (descending), or
         by "Year" (descending) then by "Author" (ascending).
  • Records Per Page:  The number of resulting records listed per page can be selected.  Selecting "ALL" allows for viewing, and printing, all record on one results page without the need for paging.

Each results page provides a "View printable format" link to a simple list of ALL resulting records in standard citation format for printing purposes.

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