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Details of Walleye Pollock request from the 2017 Bering Sea observer collection

Priority: critical
Status: Released
Date Requested: 02/28/2018
Target Date: 5/1/2018

Group AGEDATA table Vessel Reader Specimens Number Tested
A B20117A TRAYED SAMPLE P 395 76
A B20117B TRAYED SAMPLE G 404 79
A B20117C TRAYED SAMPLE G 415 81
A B20117D TRAYED SAMPLE G 390 74
A B20117E TRAYED SAMPLE P 356 70
A B20117F TRAYED SAMPLE G 350 70
A B20117G TRAYED SAMPLE I 322 67
A B20117H TRAYED SAMPLE P 376 73
A B20117I1 TRAYED SAMPLE A 162 33
A B20117I2 TRAYED SAMPLE J 132 26

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