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Resource Ecology and Ecosystem Modeling - Groundfish Diet Data

  walleye pollock eastern Bering Sea food web
  Walleye pollock eastern Bering Sea food web.

The Resource Ecology and Ecosystem Modeling Program (REEM) at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center maintains a North Pacific groundfish diet data time series that dates back to the early 1980s for many species. Diet data are from samples collected during NMFS assessment surveys and include diet composition by predator species, year, and region. Once a species is selected a list of available diet data by region and year is available, with each year linking to the diet table for that species, region, and year combination. The general diet of each species for each year and region was calculated to show mean percent frequency of occurrence, mean percent of total weight, and mean percent number of each prey item in the diet. These values were calculated as the average of the diet composition at each haul where the predator was collected. For the diet calculations, prey items were grouped into 92 common categories (shown here). REEM maintains a customized prey dictionary (pdf), (csv) based on former NODC codes. Data Description. For further information contact Kerim Aydin

Select species of interest from the drop down list or table showing select larger data sets below:

Species Aleutian Islands Bering Sea Gulf of Alaska
Walleye pollock Gadus chalcogrammus3152569846813
Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus3258398226268
Arrowtooth flounder Atheresthes stomias171873287349
Yellowfin sole Limanda aspera010255104
Flathead sole Hippoglossoides elassodon1566801673
Pacific halibut Hippoglossus stenolepis98661343812
Alaska skate Bathyraja parmifera103419012
Northern rock sole Lepidopsetta polyxystra4855450289
Atka mackerel Pleurogrammus monopterygius222885189
Rex sole Glyptocephalus zachirus16264590
Alaska plaice Pleuronectes quadrituberculatus0390149
Sablefish Anoplopoma fimbria1761081823
Arctic cod Boreogadus saida05310

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